mergJSON, externals and Livecode Server

David Bovill david at
Tue Aug 4 04:57:00 EDT 2015

Hi - I'm looking to switch from parsing JSON with scripts to Monte's
external (which i've been using on mobile / desktop for a while and works
great) - but I can't get it working (I"m on Ubuntu 14.04 with DigitalOcean)
and Livecode server version 7.06 rc3).

It's either because the external does not work on the distro I have (from
memory it's a 64 bit server install), or more likely I'm doing something
stupid like not registering the external properly.

Any pointers as to how to register externals for a server / how to check
they are installed - I'm getting an empty response from:

   - the externalpackages of stack "home"

which is probably the wrong thing to do on a server anyway :)

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