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Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Aug 4 00:38:06 EDT 2015

I posted a note on the forums about getting started with a new app, 
(where to put the tool bars for Android) but I'm still not used to the 
forums so I switched back here for more questions.

If I

1) use as my base design "template" iPhone six +  (414 X 736)    "9X16"

2) supply 3X images at 1242 X 2208
        --resize to fit the stack rect
        -- lock location to preserve this dimension change

3) put a tool bar at the bottom

4) have an area field  above the toolbar for quote

5) plan to lock this into portrait mode

What's the best full screen mode to use to for this since it may open on 
4X 3 devices (many other Android, older iOS and iPads)

If everything centers, then it would seem that the toolbar and quote 
field may be cut off  since 3 X 4 is not tall enough to hold the 
original design.

How are you all handling this?

Exact fit is going to distort everything.

no full screen mode is actually going to reposition stack elements to 
fit... right?

So it seems you *must* mess with geometry yourself  like

on preopencard
  put the screenrect into tTargetSpace

   set the bottom of group "toolbar" to the item 2 of tTargetSpace # 
will site on the bottom of any screen
   set the bottom of fld "quote" to (item 2 of tTargetSpace -75) # 
bottom of fld "quote" will always ride just above the toolbar.

end preopencard

Am I going in the right direction?

aka "complete mobile noobie!"

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