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Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Thu Apr 30 15:41:50 EDT 2015

since exit repeat can technically be a "stand alone" type of statement, it
indeed might only be caught on execution.  I'm with you though, it would be
better if the engine looked to make sure it was actually inside a repeat
loop.  Having said that, if you do a function call that checks things, I
think you can have the function exit the loop? (maybe) If so, then checking
for the location of the exit repeat would be a bad thing.

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 1:17 PM, Terry Dennis <tedennis at>

> I copied a section of script from within a complex “repeat” loop within a
> complex function into another, smaller and less complex inline function.
> So far, so good.  Then, I ran into a condition in the new function that
> happens about once every 500 records, and only under a rare set of
> circumstances. It caused an interesting execution time error.  I thought it
> was related to “eof” processing, because that was the LC bug that recently
> caused me frustrating fits.  Not so.  It took me quite a bit of whittling
> down logic and running bunches of tests to recreate the rare set of
> circumstances. Much fiddling later, I discovered the issue.  It was a
> runtime “oops”. Check out the following code snippet, which shows the
> execution error.  I threw it into button “Capture”s script:
> on testOOPS
>   put 1 into t1  -- Superfluous for testing purposes
>   put 2 into t2  -- Superfluous for testing purposes
>   if true = true then  -- Runtime error here !!!
>      exit repeat
>   end if
>  put 3 into t3  -- Superfluous for testing purposes
> end testOOPS
> <<<<
> button "Capture": execution error at line 27 (Handler: error in
> statement), char 1
> I certainly didn’t expect an execution error on an “if true then”
> statement.
> The problem is the code I copied included an “exit repeat”, but the
> function I copied it into didn’t have a “repeat ... end repeat”.  Thus,
> there was an “unmatched” exit from a repeat that didn’t exist.  On the rare
> occurrences when my code matched the complex condition, it caused an
> execution error on the line BEFORE the “exit repeat”.  (the same thing
> happens on an “end repeat”)
> It seems to me this is a bug that should have been caught during the
> script compilation phase, instead of during execution.  somehow indicating
> a runtime error on the prior statement.  It cost me several hours and some
> lost data to figure it out, primarily because of the rare circumstances
> that caused it to happen.  Note that some other lines in that script got
> "dorked".  I don't know if it was the "oops" or the manual changes trying
> to narrow down the error while I was frustrated.  I don't THINK running a
> script can modify code, but I also didn't THINK I could get an execution
> error on an "if true then" statement.
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