Mark Waddingham mark at
Thu Apr 30 15:04:52 EDT 2015

> 1. My message was only mildly offensive (obviously you are not very
> well acquainted with my track record), and it was intended to
> be so, as expereince has shown me that a mildly offensive message gets 
> results.
> My message did: within a matter of minutes Kevin was there on the
> button, Bless him!

I must confess I did not take the link as being offensive at all - 
indeed it did actually produce one of those true LOL moments (I was glad 
I didn't have a mouthful of coffee at the time!).

After all, if we had 'taken the money and run', do you think we would be 
sitting at our computers, posting periodically at various random times 
to the lists and forums in a part of the world which is currently 
experiencing a four week 'Arctic Blast' in what is purported to be 

> 2. Verbose. Always . . .

I think it would hypocritical for me to make any comment on the 
verbosity of anyone else - so I won't ;)


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