Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Apr 30 13:20:51 EDT 2015

On 29/04/2015 20:06, Richmond wrote:
 > It is very odd that having run that Kickstarter campaign we have 
heard nothing
 > about the HTML5 thing at all.

Here's what LiveCode said on the campaign page
( :

 > We estimate that from the starting point to the first point of 
delivery of a prototype will take around a year. This was the final 
“stretch goal” on last year’s Kickstarter project that we didn’t get to 
including in that campaign. We’d like to start now so we can deliver as 
soon as possible! We’ve learned from our previous project, that it can 
take a long time to hire the right talent, train up new programmers and 
get productive on a brand new project.

The campaign scraped over the line on July 31 last year.

So if you expect that software development proceeds according to estimates,
you wouldn't expect to see "first point of delivery of a prototype" for
another three months yet.

A little early for offensive (not to mention unnecessarily verbose) links?


Dear Ben,

1. My message was only mildly offensive (obviously you are not very well 
acquainted with my track record), and it was intended to
be so, as expereince has shown me that a mildly offensive message gets 

My message did: within a matter of minutes Kevin was there on the 
button, Bless him!

2. Verbose. Always . . .

Love, Richmond.

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