Android Intents/iOS Extensions?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Apr 23 13:43:10 EDT 2015

Mark Wilcox wrote:

 > On Thu, Apr 23, 2015, at 03:45 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> I'd like to have an app be able to accept data from other programs,
 >> like when you click the Share button in an image gallery and a list
 >> of programs pops up that can accept images - I'd like mine to be
 >> among them.
 >> I can see from the iOS and Android docs how to register that support
 >> in the manifest, but the APIs for actually receiving the data appear
 >> to be lower-level, and I haven't found LiveCode messages for those.
 >> Am I dreaming, or have I just overlooked something buried in a
 >> Release Note somewhere?
 > Not dreaming. Intents have been around forever on Android but I don't
 > believe LiveCode currently supports receiving them. Extensions are iOS
 > 8+ only, so it's not so surprising that they're not yet supported.

Extensions may be the latest way to do that, but I'm assuming the 
behavior has been around for a while on iOS, no? (I spend embarrassingly 
little time with my iPad)

Since I wrote that post I found this lesson:

It refers to a urlWakeUp message and a mobileGetLaunchUrl function which 
would seem to handle the receiving end well enough.

However, that tutorial only shows how to have two LC apps pass info to 
each other, and not how to allow an LC app to receive data from any 
other app.

This seems to be the role of the intents in the Android manifest, and 
while I haven't yet tried it I'm imagining that once I edit the 
manifest.xml to include my desired intents and add a urlWakeUp handler 
in my app I should be able to get what I'm looking for.

This raises two questions:

1. Before I dive in, does anyone here know why this wouldn't work?

2. If it does work, why doesn't the IDE provide a way for us to include 
intents in the manifest, rather than manually editing the manifest.xml 
file for each app we make?

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