Stack is Dirty?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Apr 22 12:22:30 EDT 2015

Ray wrote:

> I believe there's a key word which is a property you can use to detect
> whether a stack has changes which have not yet been saved. It's
> something like stackIsDirty but I can't find it anywhere.  Does anybody
> remember this?

There is a Mac-only stack property, the modifiedMark, which can be used 
to indicate to the user that a stack has unsaved changes (it colors the 
window's close button dark red), but I know of no engine-level way to 
monitor for changes in the engine.

Would be nice, but given the many different ways we use LC it may not be 

For example, in most apps changing the text of a field would be a change 
worth noting but changing the rect of a stack would not, but in LC 
changing any object rect, or any other property, might warrant noting an 
unsaved change.

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