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I for one would *love* to see LC be able to send Javascript commands to applications that accept it, like they do with Applescript. It would make my current project orders of magnitude easier. For instance, Adobe offers an API for creating and modifying PDF files via Java. This allows 3rd party developers to create PDF utilities without having to completely expose the PDF file format.

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Roger Eller wrote:

> vOn Apr 5, 2015 7:42 AM, "David Bovill" wrote:
>> Anyone have any thoughts on how an HTML5+Javascript exported Livecode
>> application would / could interface with the rest of the Javascript
>> world?
> I'm not sure if it will even be possible; it was certainly never their
> intent.

Why not?

RevBrowser lets us integrate with JS; why not provide ways of letting JS integrate with LC inside the browser?

It would seem horribly limited if everything LC/HTML delivered were effectively self-jailed, but I'd wager that's not the plan.  On the desktop we have support for file I/O, AppleScript, Win Registry, shell, and many other means of communicating with the host system.  I can't imagine we'd have anything less when the host system is a browser, and that would mean bi-directional JS.

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