curiosities in object reference

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Mon Apr 20 16:56:23 EDT 2015

The findTextInStyledText function within the MasterLibrary might be 
helpful in this case.   Pass it a string to find and the styledText 
array and it will return to you the LineIndex, RunIndex and Starting 
char within the run.

The MasterLibrary is here...

I just updated the Library to version 40.   Somehow a very premature 
version of findTextInStyledText found it way into the library.   A 
useful version is now in place.

Richard and others, since you are now playing with styled text, how 
about sending me a wish list of functions that you think would be 
useful.   I can tinker away at them.


On 4/20/15 10:44 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Mike Bonner wrote:
> > I wish it was easy to work with "the styledtext" but multiple runs
> > get really convoluted. They contain the actual text though, so if
> > you're better at navigating arrays than I am, it might be possible
> > to "put the styledtext of fRef into tStyledA" then make adjustments,
> > then "set the styledtext of field fRef to tStyledA"
> I've come to enjoy working with styledText arrays since I asked about 
> them here last year.  Very helpful for many things, but in this case 
> I'd use the simpler htmlText, designed as it is to provide a 
> plain-text representation of field contents with complete fidelity, 
> and it works on chunks as well as the field object as a whole.

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