Filtering text styles on the Clipboard

tbodine bodine at
Fri Apr 17 12:17:16 EDT 2015

LC friends,

I have an app with basic word processing and I'm looking for the best way to
detect the source of what's on the clipboard. I'm trying to apply two rules:
1) Text formatted within LC can be copy/pasted with styled text using
2) Text formatted from outside of LC is pasted as plain text using
clipboardData["text"] (so LC field formatting is automatically applied to

The reason for rule 2 is to filter out formatting by Word or other sources
that tends to cause issues.

My kludgy method is to identify any text copied within LC by doing a
comparison. When there's a copy/cut cmd in LC, it stores a copy of that
Styledtext in a global variable. When a paste cmd is given, the
clipboardData["StyledText"] is compared to that variable. If it matches,
rule 1 applies, otherwise, rule 2.

I have this nagging feeling that there's a more direct way that I've
overlooked. Anybody know of one?

Tom Bodine

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