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Ray ray at
Fri Apr 17 15:02:25 EDT 2015

I see.  So there are three different states of this check box: empty, 
checked and "squared".  That's a new thing for me.  I always thought 
there were just two states of both check boxes and radio buttons, but I 
think I can handle that.  Thanks for laying it out.

On another note, I've discovered that while the desktop icon I assign to 
a folder is there when I first create the folder and set it all up, it 
shrinks the instant I write or copy a file into the folder, either 
through Livecode or manually on the desktop.  Do you know why this might 
be happening?

I only see the icon I assign when viewing by medium and large icons.  
Could this have something to do with it?

On 4/17/2015 8:52 AM, Mike Bonner wrote:
> If you notice, when you set the read only aspect of the folder using the
> shell, then look at the properties of the folder, the box isn't checked.
> Its greyed out. This is because you set the folder itself.  When you use
> the checkbox in the proprieties inspector for the folder, you're actually
> setting the rules for the contents of the folder, not the folder itself.
> I suspect, if you create a folder, then check that box, then check its
> attributes from the shell (attrib foldername) that the folder itself won't
> show R as one of its attribs. The checkbox isn't doing the same thing as
> the shell call.
> Freaks me out a bit actually!
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