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Nobody understands dataGrids, though they are wonderful tools. Try this in the group script:

on mouseDown
   put getDataOfIndex(the dgHilitedIndexes of me,the dgColumn of the target) into vld "yourField"
end mouseDown

Craig Newman

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I’m trying to set up the dataGrid to put the cell contents in another field, for
editing, when I click on it. Some of the cells may contain a fair amount of
text, and I won’t be able to edit it in the cell itself. 

The tutorials refer
to the revDataGridLibrary. ???? Can’t find it. Or could the tutorials be out of
date? Or, more likely, I’m missing something?

That withstanding, the tutorials
say there is a message named “EditValue”. Is this still correct? I can’t get the
message to trigger.


William A.

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