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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Apr 5 09:14:01 EDT 2015

On 05/04/15 14:35, David Milne wrote:
> Hi,
> In response to Richmond's post
> -Just to be awkward (for a change . . . no irony intended), if 6.7.4 is
> --built so that it will run
> on Windows XP [ a system released in 2001 ] why is it not built so that
> -it can run on
> -Mac OS 10.4 PPC [ a system released in 2005 ], or, for that matter, Mac
> -OS 10.4 Intel?
> -It is, also, interesting to note that the first alpha build of LC 8 is
> -also capable of running on Windows XP.
> -The reply will, inevitably, consist of stuff about market share . . .
> -which is probably due to a bad
> -case of not thinking one's way through a load of statistics.
> -The rationale behind dropping support for an out-dated operating system,
> -surely, should not
> -be based on the global installed base of that operating system, but the
> -globally installed base
> -of that operating system who use LiveCode for software development, and
> -the clients to whom
> -they sell/give their standalones for deployment.
> I think that you are being unfair to the LiveCode team.
> Windoze has many failings but one advantage it has over Apple, and it is an
> advantage of great merit. Windoze seeks to be backward compatible.
> Windows 95 applications will usually run just fine. Even windows 3
> applications will run. Sometimes you will be prompted to download a
> discontinued windows library module, which is not difficult.
> If you had a favourite program on the windows platform from twenty years
> ago, you can usually continue to use the original files.
> I got into similar discussion about this recently when I answered someone's
> comment that "Zillions of Game" ( which plays about 2000 subscriber donated
> board game scripts) was dead because it had not been updated for over ten
> years. I explained that it runs just fine on windows 8. On their website
> you can still see new game scripts uploaded each week. I explained that
> Windoze was backward compatible. One of its few merits.
> I am not an Apple fanboy. I hate the rotating rainbow beachball of death on
> my mac mini with an intensity equal to my hate for the rotating annulus
> horribilis on my windoze pcs. I have a mac mini, iPad 2 and iPad 2 Air, and
> two windoze pcs and a Raspberry Pi as well as a cheap nondescript android
> tablet.
> I expect that you will find that an old version 2 of Revolution will run on
> windows 8.
> So please do not blame Runvrev.  Windoze made a commitment to backward
> compatibility and Apple did not. Apple thought that it was too much of a
> bother.
> Give Windoze credit for one of the few things that it got right!
> Regards and raspberries :-)
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I think the point about Windows's backward compatibility has already 
been made.


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