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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat Apr 4 08:47:20 EDT 2015

On 04/04/15 15:10, Simon Knight wrote:
> I've no objection to the built in script editor (except when it bangs 
> out during debug) especially as I have just re-discovered that if I 
> cut and paste from it I get coloured text.  However, I want to create 
> a document that compares Livecode script with VBA code and if I do a 
> cut and paste from the VBA editor I get plain text.  I now realise 
> that I can put the VBA through textwrangler and into a Wp such as Bean 
> with any Livecode being inserted with a straight cut and paste.
> Ah! Appleworks 6.  Now it comes from a time when Apple were hungry and 
> software had to work whereas today it just has to look good - but 
> please don't get me started.

Why do you think about 8 months ago I bought a second-hand G5 iMac when 
I had the money for a new Intel iMac running Mac OS Y ("Black Hills of 

1. Running 10.4.11 the G5 can run Mac OS 9 - and as, a while ago, I 
invested a lot of money in 3D graphics progs. for Mac OS 9 I'd far
rather run them than pay for their successors.

2. Running 10.5.8 with 2 GB RAM it does almost all I need for programming.

3. AppleWorks will be my favourite office suite forever unless somebody 
produces an exact clone than runs on Linux. It may not
have a million bells and whistles, but it does offer all I need, and 
when compared with LibreOffice, Open Office, Star Office, Think Free Office,
MS Office, KOffice, KingSoft Office (yes, I have tried ALL of them), it 
still looks better than all of them to me - probabaly because it doesn't 
from feature bloat.

See answers to my other posting entitled "Please release me, let me go." 
and ask yourself why, although I really DID like Macintosh computers
and the Mac OS, I didn't like Steve Jobs and his heirs, and their 
non-backwards-compatibility way of thinking.

> As to  'if I want to do script editing in VBA"- well I don't really 
> its just that have to ;-)
> best wishes
> Simon
> On 04/04/2015 12:03, Richmond wrote:
>> On 04/04/15 13:18, Simon Knight wrote:
>>> Richmond,
>>> Many thanks - I will give textwrangler a try, I have used it as a 
>>> plain text editor but never really dug deep: I have down loaded the 
>>> "Revolution" add-in that you pointed me to and may have a try at 
>>> creating my own.  The one thing I have not been able to do is to 
>>> directly export coloured text to a word processor.  The Textwrangler 
>>> export option remains grayed out but I can get the text by printing 
>>> to preview and copy and paste from there.
>>> best wishes
>>> Simon
>> I'm not entirely sure what your objection to the built-in script 
>> editor is; as a syntax coloured external editor is much the same sort 
>> of thing.
>> However, having said that, I tend to use Appleworks 6 on my G5 iMac 
>> running Mac OS 10.5 for editing large scripts where I need to
>> perform bulk search-and-replace operations.
>> Appleworks does not offer syntax colouring, but I use it mainly by 
>> doing a copy-paste of an already finished script to modify it via
>> search-and-replace rather than programming per se.
>> If you want to do script-editing like Visual Basic (i.e. one long 
>> list rather than lots of little lists in each object) then I suppose 
>> your question begins
>> to make sense; the only real problem is at that point you lose the 
>> WYSIWYG aspect that is so powerful in LiveCode.
>> Richmond.
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