Release 6.7.4 RC 3 / Release 7.0.4 RC 3

sebastien sebastien.nouat at
Fri Apr 3 13:11:56 EDT 2015

Dear List Members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 6.7.4 RC 3 and 7.0.4 
RC 3. This release is a maintenance release that contains bug fixes for 
both versions. The list of bugs fixed can be found in the Release Notes.

*iOS Simulators testing
For the reason that building iOS engines has a cost of time, we have 
never built the engines for all the minor versions of iOS. We dropped 
5.0 when 5.1 was released, 6.0 when 6.1 came out, and so on. That is 
simply following Apple's strict rules of constant updating.
Since iOS 8.2 was released, and from LiveCode 6.7.4 RC 2 onwards, we 
dropped iOS Simulator 8.1 support. As a fix for the bug 15037 
(, and for a matter of 
consistency, we now clearly advise the users that the iOS SDK 8.1 is 
invalid, and that only the iOS SDK 8.2 will be accepted amongst the 8.x 
iOS SDKs. Please, don't be surprised that Xcode 6.2 is now required, and 
that you cannot target the iOS Simulator 8.1 anymore.

*Getting the Release*
To get the release please select "check for updates" from the "help" 
menu in the product or download the installer directly at:

*6.7.4 STABLE / 7.0.4 STABLE
The next stable builds of these releases will be made public in the 
middle of next week, unless the RC 3 encounters critical issues. The 
Stable releases will be promotion of these RC builds.

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team

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