HTML representation of 'less than or equal to' - not cross-platform?

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Fri Oct 31 11:05:50 EDT 2014

Hi Graham,

I think that should be lt and gt.

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On 10/31/2014 15:00, Graham Samuel wrote:
> I’ve got a little field with a single “less than or equal to” character in it. The character got there from executing
>   set the htmlText of fld “myField” to <p>≤</p>
> from the message box while programming in the IDE (LC 6.6.5)
> This works fine on a Mac, but I just noticed that it doesn’t work on a PC. When I open the card containing this field in LC on a PC running Windows 7, and execute this from the message box
>   put the htmlText of fld “myField”
> I get
>   <p></p>
> which does not display as a less than or equal glyph. If I reset the contents of the field using <p>≤</p>, it displays correctly.
> Anyone any idea what's going on? How did '≤' get changed to '&16;'? Seems totally weird to me.
> TIA for any suggestions.
> Graham
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