QT replacement on Windows?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Thu Oct 30 06:27:45 EDT 2014


now that runrev replaced Quicktime by AVFoundation on Mac, I am curious
about a solution for windows.

One of the extendet targets of the crowdfunding was replacing QT (not only
on Mac). But I don't hear anything anymore about this roadmap issue.

Probably it was easier to replace on Mac, but I think a replacement on
Windows is much more urgent. Quicktime is officially not any more supported
since Windows 7 (or even Vista). Since 5 years I have constant trouble with
customers because of "failed" QT installations. The QT installation itself
doesn't fails, but LC doesn't recognize QT as being installed or produces
rubbish when playing videos or taking screenshots of a video. Because the
issues happen in my program, my customers complain me and my LC program even
though QT is the reason, but that isn't of interest for them. Only the
result counts. Since 5 years I constantly have to tell customers to
reinstall QT, sometimes up to 5 times, until finally the old QT API is found
by LC. At least 11 FAQs on my support site care about Quicktime failures.
This really is a pain.

Has anybody heard anything what has happened to this roadmap issue?





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