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Wed Oct 29 15:42:49 EDT 2014

Not sure if this was denied. AOL woes.


Simple to do as a kluge. You get the clickLine, and will have already stored the subLines in a custom property. These sublines are arranged in an addressable way, so that if you click on line 3 in the field, the third group of sublines is identified. You simply insert the sublimes below the click line.

Getting rid of them might be done by prepending a char, like a dash, before each subLine, and before the field loads any new group, it purges all lines with that marker. Or some other way.

Craig Newman 


I want to reproduce the idea of a field with an expanding list of items whereby 
you click on a super line of text and it shows and hides sub lines directly 
below it, and before the next super line.

Does someone have a plug in, or idea for doing this in LC?

Peter Bogdanoff
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