how can exportImageToAlbum be broken on android for so long...

Paul Kocsis pktemp50 at
Thu Oct 23 21:42:08 EDT 2014

I've never, ever gotten it to work.  There are two outstanding bug reports
that are nearly a year old.  Such a fundamental feature that has, as far as
I can tell, never worked on android.  It certainly does not work from 6.x.x
and on....

My image is a png and I'm doing the following:

put the long ID of image "myimage" into tlongid
mobileExportImageToAlbum tlongid

This returns "export failed" every time.

I've tried to use a filename:

mobileExportImageToAlbum tlongid, "testfilename"

'export failed'

I've tried:

put the text of image "myimage" into ttext
mobileExportImageToAlbum ttext

fails with either "export failed" or "could not find image"

Why has a fundamental android feature that has been broken for so long been

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