on-rev Client

Paul Hibbert paulhibbert at mac.com
Tue Oct 14 00:49:52 EDT 2014

> http://newsletters.livecode.com/august/issue177/newsletter2.html

It was reported in the newsletter 177 that the On-Rev Client was working again, I tested it at the time and managed to log on successfully, but now I can't, has anybody else had similar problems?

I can logon to the cPanel OK, so I know my username and password are correct, but the On-Rev Client tells me they are wrong.

I know there's a lot of opposition to this software and it has been a frustrating experience using it then not being able to for so long. I did find it useful at times so I was pleased to see it back again, but has it crapped out again so soon?

I'll file a bug report if it's not just me that's having problems.


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