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Très drôle !

Le 8 oct. 2014 à 19:47, Richmond <richmondmathewson at> a écrit :

> On 08/10/14 20:28, Colin Holgate wrote:
>> I was on Unst for 18 months. That’s the top island of the Shetlands, that he is pointing to. They don’t quite speak the same Scottish there.
> On Unst they don't speak Scots at all: they speak Scots Gaelic which is akin to Irish Gaelic and is as different from Scots as Bulgarian
> is to English.
> Abune 10 towmonds syne I wis i Harris wi ma hen and bairns fae a week, and qhan  some fisherfowk stairtit clackin i that lied
> I wis fair forjeskit as I didnae ken a vocable at all.
> Richmond.
> Possibly a feature request case might be made for a version of LiveCode that functions in Doric Scots.
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