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Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 5:41:10 PM, you wrote:

> Is there any documentation on the engine and it's architecture?

Now *there's* a glass half-full approach to things... However, in the
questions below I think you're talking about the IDE rather than the

> I would like to get confirmation about how I imagine it works.  I don't
> know C so reading the source code is not a big help so I would appreciate
> any incites.   Here is what I imagine could be going on.

> 1. When when you start Livecode, the engine runs, it initializes the
> internal data structures and opens some fixed name stack located in the
> same directory as the engine.  What is the name of that stack?

home.rev, but the preferences stacks are also loaded.

> 2. I am guessing that that all the standard messages are fired when this
> stack is loaded.

*All*? Not sure what you've got in mind. If you mean things like
openCard etc, then yes - the IDE's stacks are just like any other

>  Are there any special ones?   Is there a list with the exact order of
> these messages?

The plugins get some messages that aren't normally delivered to other
stacks. <list>... chortle.

> 3.  Within this first stack, it loads the other stacks of the IDE as front
> scripts.

Mmmm... no. There are some front and back scripts loaded into memory,
as well as some library stacks, and others are waiting in the wings as
substacks of other stacks.

> 4.  The IDE scripts hide any script starting with rev so we don't see them
> in the IDE.

In the View menu, select "LiveCode UI Elements in Lists"

> When you build a standalone of your app, the IDE builds a executable of the
> engine and your main stack but it renames your main stack to the name of
> that first stack in number 1 above so when you run the standalone your
> stack is the first to run.

I can only guess at the standalone builder myself, since I haven't
dived into that. I'll stay away from that question.

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