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Fri Jun 27 12:47:04 EDT 2014

On Jun 26, 2014, at 10:44 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> Hi, does anyone know how to calculate someones age in years from two dates?
> Currently I am doing something kludgy like:
> convert dateone from date to seconds
> convert datetwo from date to seconds
> put datetwo - dateone into age -- calculate the age in seconds
> -- divide by the number of seconds per year
> put 60*60*24*365.25 into secs_per_year
> put the trunc of (age / secs_per_year) into age
> But I suspect it is only approximate.
> Thanks

Here's the handler that I use:

function doAge birthDate,asOf
   -- return the age given birthdate = <birthDate>
   -- as of the date <asOf> (if empty, assumes today)
   if asOf = empty then
      put the date into asOf
   end if
   convert birthDate to dateItems
   put item 1 of birthDate into birthYear
   convert asOf to dateitems
   put item 1 of asOf - birthYear - 1 into tAge
   if tAge < 0 then add 100 to tAge
   put item 1 of asOf into item 1 of birthDate
   convert birthDate to seconds
   convert asOf to seconds
   if birthDate <= asOf then add 1 to tAge
   return tAge
end doAge

-- Peter

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