[OT] Remember Be?

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Tue Jun 10 16:09:12 EDT 2014

There's a woman speaking at a local CHI event here tonight whose UX career
started at Be, Inc.  If you don't remember Be, it was an alternative
operating system and hardware platform started in the early 90s, by ex
Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée.  Be eventually became one of the options
considered to replace Apple's OS at the time (Next was the other option).

Reading up on the Be's fate on Wikipedia, this tidbit on Be's name was

"According to several sources including Macworld UK, the company name "Be"
had its origin in a conversation between Gassée and Be co-founder Steve
Sakoman. Gassée originally thought the company should be called "United
Technoids Inc.", but Sakoman disagreed and said he would start looking
through the dictionary for a better name. A few days later, when Gassée
asked if he had made any progress, Sakoman replied that he had got tired
and stopped at "B." Gassée said, "Be is nice. End of story."



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