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Sun Jun 8 20:30:42 EDT 2014

Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the forums mirrored (or gatewayed, or
>  whatever the right term is) into e-mail ?
> I find the forums impossibly slow and tedious to check, search and
> read. Maybe I need to do it every day, maybe I need to use some
> option, or some external tool, maybe there is some way to get it to
> show me only the posts I haven't read yet (or highlight them?), or
> some way to download all new posts for off-line browsing, or .....

PHPBB is pretty feature-rich, providing several options for having a
productive experience with the forums for a wide range of personal
preferences, including those who prefer email:

- "View New Posts"
This link is at the top of the front page, and the first time you visit
the forums it'll bring up a long list, but every visit after that will
show you only the new posts.  Those who frequent the forums, such as
those participating in the IDE working groups, will find that list
pretty short.

You have your choice of getting an RSS feed for every section, or just
for the sections you care about.  If you enjoy the convenience of RSS
readers, this is a good option.  The RSS feeds include a "Reply" link so 
you can join the conversation in one click.

- Bookmarks
At the bottom of every thread is a Bookmark option, which you can manage
through your Account Control Panel.

- Email Subscription
Yep, email is already supported, but in a smart way that leaves you in
control of your In Box.  The forums are so active I can pretty much
guarantee no one wants everything there coming into their In Box.  But
you can subscribe to any specific section or individual thread using the
"Subscribe Forum" or "Subscribe Topic" link at the bottom of the page.
Once subscribed you'll get email notifications of any new activity
there, which IIRC includes a handy one-click link for replying.

Future options:

Why stop with just four conveniences when the sky's the limit? :)

An upcoming version of RevNet will include a mashup that merges the most
recent posts in all of the following venues into one convenient reader 
accessible right in the IDE:
- LC forums
- use-livecode list
- LiveCode blog
- LC topics on Stack Overflow

Other mashups are possible as well.  All of those venues and many more 
have some form of XML output, and with scrapers you're not even limited 
to that; I hear LiveCode's pretty good at parsing text. ;)

There's no end to the ways we can access info from the LC universe.

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  LiveCode Community Manager
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