Open stack problem

Peter Haworth pete at
Sun Jun 8 13:39:35 EDT 2014

Trying to track down a strange problem involving opening a stack.

I have a button with a script that issues an answer file statement to get
the name of a stack file to open.  After getting the file name and doing a
couple of checks I open the stack file then do some other stuff.

This all works fine if I double click a stack file in the answer file
dialog. However if I single click a stack file and then click the Open
button in the answer file dialog, the stack is opened but none of the
statements after the open stack command are executed.

Just to add to the merriment, if I set a breakpoint on the open stack
command, all works fine.

I've removed all front scripts but same behavior.

Any ideas?

lcSQL Software <>
Home of lcStackBrowser <> and
SQLiteAdmin <>

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