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Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Jun 4 12:00:40 EDT 2014

On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 3:37 AM, Skip Kimpel <skiplondon at> wrote:

> For now I have things working and it is smooth.  Maybe I will rework it
> this weekend.  If the text file that I am using already contains headers in
> line 1, is there a quick and simple way to create and dump all that data
> into a mysqlite file?  My guess is no but I figure I better ask first
> before heading down a more complicated path.

I assume you mean the headers are sqlite column names.

The sqlite3 command line utility has an import feature which you could run
with a shell command but I don't think it will quite do what you want.  If
the table you are importing into does not exist, it assumes the first line
of the text file contains column names and creates the table for you but if
the table already exists, it just loads the data into the table including
the first line.

Also, as mentioned, my SQLiteAdmin program will import a text file and will
handle column names in the first line as an option.  But you can't invoke
it and execute the import command from within Livecode.

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