ScreenRect bug or not

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Wed Jun 4 11:50:54 EDT 2014

Thanks for your detailed reply.

I am pretty sure Live Resizing should be the standard way of doing things but I have to say that LC’s performance in this area is quite poor.
I have my stack at a small size to improve the scrolling speed of a table but when I switch to another card that displays charts it is sometimes preferable to have a larger chart which I have created in a group. I have to redraw the charts when the stack is resized and this is where LC’s performance is poor. The stack stutters slightly as it is resizing.

Now for some heresy. I also have Xojo (purchased with the last offer for £12) with the same programme running and this does not have the stutter LC does.

I just mentioned this to eliminate my computer (Macbook Pro 2.4 late 2008 unibody, hopefully due for change this summer) from the equation.

I really prefer scripting to Objective-C and Xojo because I have worked with SC for so long but always seem to come up against a performance limitation at some point. Ah well.

I don’t know if you remember the discussions over DataGrid and the Basic Table Field but pending release of the update to the Basic Table Field to include for right alignment I have changed to this control because of the improved scrolling speed when compared to the DataGrid.

Interestingly while testing the stack in LC 6.7(dp4) I have noticed a significant increase in scrolling speed of the Basic TableField in the order of a 15-25% improvement when compared to LC 6.6.1.

Within this stack I have pie charts created out of LC objects and having just measured the milliseconds from the start of creation to display, there is a 12% improvement comparing LC 6.7 with LC 6.6.1.

I am presuming this is because of a change to Cocoa and streamlining the base code of LC.

This is a significant improvement which I hope would be maintained and perhaps improved further as the Cocoa based LC progresses?

Do you know which version will be the first to receive the right alignment in the Basic Table Field?

Also while on the subject of speed (perhaps another thread) but is there an intention to speed up the script editor as I find the scrolling painful?

All the best


On 4 Jun 2014, at 15:57, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

> I should note that as valuable as it is for all of us to help with testing, v6.7 is a VERY exotic build, the first that uses Cocoa, meaning the first to attempt to merge LiveCode's object and messaging model with the limited and often strictly-enforced Cocoa way of doing things.
> While you're still learning the nuances of all the flexibility LiveCode provides for window metrics, it may be best to stick with 6.6.2, which is also a test build but without the extreme changes Cocoa requires, and also very late-stage to it's quite stable and enjoyable to work with, in my experience.

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