HTML5 Campaign Update: 20% Tipping Point Achieved

Kevin Miller kevin at
Fri Jul 18 08:16:52 EDT 2014

We did weight up very carefully the choice of platform for this campaign.
In the end we decided on our own site as we thought the backers would be
weighted a bit more towards our existing community for this particular
campaign. We and our community did most of the publicity work on the last
campaign and in doing that again this time we can just as easily point
people to a link on our own site. Kickstarter has more fees. Our own site
also allows us to apply a broader range of funding types to the campaign,
such as purchase orders (payable on success at the end), wire transfers,
or things like the purchase of shares we just added.

I hear what you¹re saying about the potential to refund if the campaign
fails. That is fairly similar to Kickstarter¹s all-or-nothing model. If
our pledging model is putting you off, you can make it identical to
Kickstarter by pledging via a purchase order to pay when we succeed at the
end. Just contact us to do that. However we have no intention of failing
on this campaign! It is full steam ahead. We are at 26% today, not far off
where we were at the same point in the Kickstarter. A way to go yet, but
if we keep going we can do it.

It would be wonderful if our community could continue to help us by
contacting tech blogs and news sites. I know they are more likely to cover
us as the campaign shows more success, nonetheless a few reminders would
be positive.

Kind regards,


Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
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On 16/07/2014 00:25, "Kay C Lan" <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:

>On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 10:23 PM, Heather Laine <heather at>
>> We need YOUR SUPPORT to keep this campaign on track for its target. If
>>you have ideas for promoting it or suggestions as to what more we could
>>be doing, please let us know!
>The previous campaign was part of KickStarter, this one is not. I'm
>just wondering why it was decided not to go via KickStarter again;
>they are a known entity and have a huge audience with most people very
>comfortable with the rules of play. Runrev's rules are noticeably
>different and I'm wondering if some people are shying away when they
>read 'we reserve the right to refund pledges' (I'm paraphrasing).
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