The status of 6.5.1

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jan 19 11:45:16 EST 2014

Richmond wrote:

> How far should we ever trust what RunRev assures us is a "done deal"
> when it comes to a version release?

When we've thoroughly tested the latest Developer Preview build and 
found that it does everything we need without error.

They test too, and the automated system they're building will help with 
a great many potential regressions.

But with any software, and certainly one used is as many different ways 
as LC, nothing beats beta testing.

> So, instead of a mad scramble to get out a version 7, a period of
> retrenchment would seem called through, with a far longer
> period of beta-testing, and a more rigorous one at that.

Where did RunRev announce that they're refusing to make another 
maintenance build between now and v7?

The radically-enhanced v7 has been in development for some time, during 
which they've continued to roll out many new versions of the v6 series.

I haven't seen any indication from them that this will somehow stop - 
did I miss something?

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