Valentina Server and Studio in Lubuntu

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Jan 5 23:01:00 EST 2014

Hi all,

Following instructions of this video:
and after solving some unexpected results of 
install process, Valentina Server and Studio are
working fine in Lubuntu! :D

After installation, when I started Valentina Server
using the command line (as show in the video)
VServer application crashed and left a damaged Master
Database in the database folder...

Of course, I was unaware of this and try to follow
the video instructions using Valentina Studio.
When I try to connect (following the video) an error
of type 0x6050a appeared.

Google send me to this page:

where Ivan Smahin wrote:
Actually the database is damaged - particularly - db schema. 
So vKernel is unable to properly open this db. 

The only database in the folder Databases was master.vdb
so that was the damaged database.

After reading that Valentina recreates the Master Database
if it does not find one in this page:

I follow these steps to recreate the damaged database:

1) stop VServer

2) open as root the /opt/VServer/databases folder and
cut all the files in this folder. I pasted both files in
another folder (opened as root, too)
These are the files that you find in the Dropbox archive
with a copy of crash log.

3) start VServer

4) Open VStudio and follow the rest of the video tutorial

If you know an easier and shorter way to produce 
these results, please share.

Hopefully, these steps would help someone else, too. :)


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