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Sat Jan 4 09:29:27 EST 2014

I've seen the scrum method work well for teams as small as three
developers, along with a product manager and floating scrum master. We do
scrum in a very informal way, even by scrum standards, and what our exec
team thinks of as scrum is really closer to kanban. (btw, I knew the origin
of both terms)

I'd say the key, "you're not really doing it" features of each are:

Scrum: time-based sprints, with release and review/planning in between
them; some form of scrum-master who runs stand-ups; a managed backlog; a
defined process for substituting requirements during a sprint.

Kanban: a visual, managed, workflow with work-in-progress limits;
continuous release process; a prioritized backlog; feedback loops.

On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 4:08 AM, Mark Wilcox <m_p_wilcox at> wrote:

> Scrum (there's no acronym, the name was mistakenly inspired by the
> co-creator thinking the scrum in Rugby is like the huddle in American
> Football) is a PM methodology so abstracted that it doesn't even assume
> software development, let alone a particular language. :)<br/><br/>The main
> impediment to using Scrum with LiveCode is that it's really designed for
> teams of 5-8 developers, smaller than that and it's too much process,
> larger and the communication and co-ordination methodology doesn't really
> scale. A team of 5 developers collaborating without fully functional
> version control is challenging. Kanban on the other hand can work well for
> a solo developer or very small team.<br/><br/>I think most people who've
> worked in decent sized software projects have thought about building their
> own tool for PM at some point because although there are hundreds they are
> nearly all terrible.  For software, Pivotal Tracker is one of the best,
> although not cheapest and
>  Asana looks pretty decent at the free end. I'm really surprised there
> isn't a better open source tool that people could easily customise to their
> exact needs rather than everyone considering building a new one all the
> time. There are lots of open source options, I've just never seen any good
> ones.<br/><br/>Mark<a href=""><br/><br/>Sent
> from Yahoo Mail for iPad</a>
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