Support for Mac OSX 10.5

Paul Hibbert paulhibbert at
Tue Feb 25 22:04:38 CET 2014

I would be happy to see LC move on and drop support for Mac OS X 10.5 in future, especially if they still supply LC6.6, I don't see any good reason hold up so many other developers and their clients for the few that don't want to move on.

If RR continue to supply LC6.6 with support for Mac OS X 10.5 then I don't see where the issue is. If a dev want's to support older versions to keep his/her clients happy, then they are the ones that need to put in the extra effort and charge accordingly, not the rest of us that don't want or need it.

As far as schools are concerned, I taught Photoshop in schools for 7 years and they refused to upgrade from PS Elements 2 with their reasoning based purely on cost, even at education prices, so I'm sure most of them will be happy to run LC 6.6 until such time as they can upgrade their ageing equipment, it must happen eventually. If they can't/won't run newer hardware how can they expect to run the most up-to-date software, especially when they will be getting if free?

I haven't seen any demand for PPC/Universal support, even though I did offer it to my clients, nobody ever requested it. That puts demand "according to my experience" at below 0.05%.

Looking forward to a faster, leaner and more modern LiveCode.


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