3D Raycasting in LiveCode?

Rick Harrison harrison at all-auctions.com
Mon Feb 17 16:22:00 CET 2014

Hi Scott,

This looks like an interesting project you put together.

Just a note about your visible corner problem.
That has always been a problem in these games.
Something in the math I think as z approaches infinity?

The way most games solved this problem was to
use curved corner wall intersections.  "Marathon Infinity”
is a good example of this. Instead of having a 
corner like this:   <  make it more like:  (  .
You’ll find the raycast algorithm likes it a lot better!

Thank you for your efforts on this great demo!


On Feb 17, 2014, at 8:27 AM, LiveCode Feeds <feed at smpcsupport.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been experimenting with raycasting algorithms in LiveCode. (To see if it
> can be done at a reasonable frame rate, and to learn about raycasting at the
> same time.)
> There is now a demo that works, sort of. It's called Spider Hunt and you can
> find it here.
> http://livecodegamedeveloper.com/blog/2014-02-17/livecode-experiment-3d-raycasting.lc
> Hopefully someone can have a little fun with it, or finds it interesting.
> Scott.
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