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> Is there a way to detect screen resolution in Windows?  I'm creating a
> stack that is 1280 x 980, but I know some people still have a 1024 x 768
> monitor (like my dad.)
> I'd like to know if there is a way to automatically or programatically
> resize my stack and the elements in the stack so it will display on the
> smaller monitor.

Look at the plural form of the screenRect property in the dictionary
(screenRects). It returns the rectangles of all the monitors attached to
the computer and has some variations such as 'effective' and 'working'.

You can determine which line of the screenRects applies to your stack using
the following:

put line (the screen of stack "MyStack") of the screenRects into

You could then resize your stack accordingly.

It doesn't look like the 'screen' property is documented in the dictionary.
I've added a note to RQCC about that.

Trevor DeVore
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