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Thu Aug 21 16:45:51 CEST 2014

One of the Kickstarter goals was " Upgraded Player control using latest
native video libraries on all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and
Android). "

The first step in implementing that goal is happening in LiveCode 6.7.0 and
7.0  here is a new player object for the Mac Platform which is based on
AVFoundation.  This means it will basically play .mov, .mp4 and .m4v movies
which use the .h264 codec.  The player is not using the AVkit controller
since that is only available for Mavericks and beyond so RunRev is rolling
their own.   

There has been lots of work by the team in ensuring the features available
in the old controller are present in the new controller.  There are some
differences and some enhancements however. if you search the quality for
LiveCode 6.7.0 DPs you can see reports of enhancements or comments about
what differences their will be. Most of the reports related to the player
have their description prefaced with [[Player]].  Most of the [[Player]]
bugs reported have been fixed but there are still some outstanding that have
been confirmed and are in various stages of being fixed.

My understanding is that this new player controller will be the basis for
the native controllers on other platforms so getting it right at this stage
is important.  If you haven't tried it out yet you should do it while it is
still in the DP stage.  I have been testing in my use cases which cover most
of the features of the current player but there are some features that I
don't currently use like chapters and I am sure a couple others that would
be good for someone who uses that to do some testing on it.

Martin Koob

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