Sparkles at the end of a pencil point

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Thu Aug 21 10:44:45 CEST 2014

On 21/08/14 10:26, Brahmanathswami wrote:
> I was looking at some apps for Kids with a lady who may assist with 
> creating functional specifications for edutainment apps.
> A lot of the do all kinds of "swirly stuff" with amazing colors. I 
> haven't the faintest idea how to being to doing something like this in 
> LiveCode and even if you create that kind of graphic effect that would 
> actually run at a decent speed.
> i would settle for starters for "sparkly stuff" coming off the end of 
> a pencil point that kid might use to draw... or her own finger on a 
> tablet app.
> Is this kind of runtime motion effect even doable?
> If so, does anyone have any code they can share? I can see having a 
> bunch of stars pop out on a specific even like dropping a puzzle piece 
> into the correct location, but what I'm talking about is happening as 
> the user draws on the iPad...the tip of the drawing tool would leave a 
> glow effect-trail as it moved along.

I would suppose one of the very simple ways (?????) to do this sort of 
thing would be to have
one's puzzle pieces saved as either PNG or GIF images with rather large 
transparent borders.

Each of your puzzle pieces could overlay an animated GIF which would 
consist of all the frames to
produce the "airy-fairies": the two images would then be grouped.

So it would be the group [consisting of the puzzle piece and an 
underlying companion GIF] that
would be dropped on the target.

The group would contain code so that when it was dropped on the target 
the animated GIF would play
once or twice and then stop.


Two problems here:

1. Controlling when the animated GIF plays [the first and last frame 
would have to be completely
transparent]: But, as far as I recall, this has been documented either 
on the Use-List or in the Forums.

2. Making the animated GIF images to "do" the sparkles.


If I can get my mitts on a sparkly animated GIF [not much enthusiasm 
about trying to make one]
I will give this a go, as it sound both fun and potentially useful in my 
own Elementary school endeavours.


> Swasti Astu, Be Well!
> Brahmanathaswami

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