Helping newcomers anticipate that standalones can't save to themselves

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I use the launcher/updater with the script/data stack model so my standalones can save changes into it’s stacks. Wonder if it would make sense to have a standard version of that launcher/updater so that newbies can just grab it and use it.

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> One of the most frequent frustrations new users have with LiveCode is the moment they realize the standalone they've built can't save changes to its stacks.
> Often this happens very late in the process, just after building the standalone to test out the work they've been doing, and suddenly everything that worked so well in the IDE stops working, with no readily discernible cause.
> So they come into the forums or this list, and folks mention everything from refactoring their work to use an anchor window (or "splash" screen) pattern, or completely rewrite everything to use an external text file or database or what have you.
> The LiveCode User Guide's section on building standalones includes a bold purple callout box explaining this (p 299), but it's a testament to the usability of LiveCode that apparently a great many people can use it productively for many weeks without ever cracking the User Guide.
> Clearly something more is needed.  What should that be?
> Putting a note in the Standalone Builder might help, but if they've gotten that far it's too late, they probably have to start rewriting things.
> How can we help users anticipate IN ADVANCE that no OS will allow their executable to write to itself, so they can write useful things from the very start?
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