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Sun Aug 10 03:08:42 CEST 2014

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the fast reply.

I was searching for a way to get file info so I could
display things like the size and creation date and
after using google I saw a post that you answered
and you provided the handler to do it.  Eventually
I somehow ended up finding a download but I do
not remember where.  I do know that I downloade
it many years ago so I already had it.

As I mentioned the part I was interested in mainly
was file info so I did not need to use the default
folder to get the info.

Concerning the framework or handlers I definitely
would prefer to use handlers and then I can use
what I want and not use globals.

It seems to me a lot of people probably will eventually
find a need for one or more of these handlers and the
more made available the better off the community will

My use will be simple at this time and will not really be
a modification.  I am going to be using ListMagic to put
the name of a file the user will enter and I wanted to
have the file listed in the same way the finder shows it.

One of the things I am interested in seeing more handlers
and examples is regex.  It seems to be a very powerful
tool with very few LiveCode examples.

Another good idea would be the command line examples.
I was able to get a command line to do what I wanted but
this took many hours and needed s special way of writing
it.  Phil Davis has some examples that show how to access
the manual in the terminal but those examples do not work
with using the command line that I wanted which was xxd.

A question about using command lines is can they be used
in a commercial product and is there any possible reason a
command line that is being used in LiveCode today won’t be
able to be used for some reason or another in the future.  If
so this can cause a complete failure of a good program and
is risky business to say the least.  As for xxd the manual list
the person who wrote it and he states anyone can use it free
of charge but if you make money he would like you to share.
I do not think he wants a royalty on a continuous basis but he
would appreciate a little bit of money.

thanks again,
John Balgenorth

On Aug 9, 2014, at 5:37 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

> JB wrote:
>> Revolution Standard Library was put together by
>> Richard Gaskin and Ken Ray and provides a lot
>> of useful handlers.
> May I ask which ones you found useful?  It might just motivate me to resume the project.
>> Is the code allowed to be used in a commercial
>> program royalty free and if so what would be the
>> proper information to list in the product showing
>> it is being used and plus the proper credits.
> If I recall correctly the intention was to release it under the MIT license - MIT is very permissive, and GPL-compatible; commercial work definitely allowed, as are proprietary modifications (though it would be cool if you chose to enhance anything there and shared it back so we can update the master).
> May I ask where you stumbled across it?  If we still have that posted online we should definitely put a proper license on it.
>> Has the library been updated recently and if so
>> where can it be downloaded?
> We haven't updated it in a very long time. Both of us have been too busy with client projects, and to be honest it was one of those ideas that seemed simple enough when we got started, but the more we planned it out the more it became clear that to be truly useful it needed to break from its original goal as a library into more of a framework.  Frameworks can be useful, but they tend to require a MUCH steeper learning curve to use, so we weren't sure how many people would be interested.
> For example, a lot of the stuff we were doing became dependent on a global array called gAppInfo, which made all sorts of other things much simpler to sort out (prefs subfolder names, the app name, version info, and more could be stored there for one-stop shopping for other handlers and even other interoperable tools).  But that meant that you had to be sure to initialize that global at the beginning of your app's code.
> I like to think of a good library as a collection of discrete handlers, in which you can call anything you need but only when you need it, and you only need to learn the one you want to use.
> Once we start down the road of requiring users to learn all sorts of other things to use any of it at all, which worked out fine for Ken and I since for whatever odd reason we wound up adopting almost completely parallel architectural habits anyway.  But for others to use, it seemed like it would get an ever smaller potential audience the deeper we went with it, so we've just been working on our own stuff since.
> In fact, you're the first person to bring it up in years.  So maybe the idea can be resurrected....
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