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Sat Aug 9 01:09:02 CEST 2014

'phaworth' posted in the forum:
> @-hh
> Since you asked for judgement on your level of impertinence, I find
> it to be extreme, rude, condesending and insulting. Not only in this
> post but in others both here and in your mailing list posts.

No cite, no quote. As we never had contact in the forum I thought about which post in the mailing list he could mean. Possibly sentence 2 of paragraph 1 of this answer to jacque?

> Certainly there are some geniuses here, probably I know most (I read
> this year's archives last week). But there are also some who believe
> they are genius and being immune to feedback would others also make
> believe this.
> I'm well exercised in bluff detection, one hasn't to be genius for
> that. And you never bluff, that's why you have this good reputation.

I hereby assert, that I didn't mean him by second sentence of the first paragraph (also not by first sentence).

And I ask everybody who feels to be meant by second sentence of this first paragraph to accept my apologies, sorry. And to be happy: This is my last post here.


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