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Sun Aug 3 09:51:58 CEST 2014

On 03/08/14 05:46, hh wrote:
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> It's content that counts, not the wrapping ...

This is very much the case, plus the fact that most people in the world
do NOT need the "fastest Mac one currently buy" despite the hype.

I have a cousin who runs a sort of farm for socially and mentally 
disturbed young
adults, in England, and does all the work (including the website) on some
"horrible" Pentium 3. She does not have the money for a new computer, and
it is rather difficult to get her a groovy 3 year-old one from the 
dumping ground of
3 year-old computers (Bulgaria). I am not convinced she needs one.

My Mum and Dad use a 10 year-old Toshiba laptop running Xubuntu.

 From my point of view it would be great if RunRev could take some 
earlier recensions of Livecode
and remove their password protection capabilities and release them as 
Community versions for
the people who are running Mac OS 10.1 -10.3 and Mac OS 8-9, Windows Me 
and XP, and so on.

The Tray-loading iMac running 10.3 is capable of a wide range of things, 
and as such seems a sin to
chuck it out (plus the advantage of having a "known quantity" sitting in 
Mum and Dad's house that
I am 100% sure nobody will have been mucking around with between my 
visits): the same is true
for all sorts of computers. As PPC Macs are very robust machines they 
should be good and usable
for a while yet.


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