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> I'm being a bit goofy: I don't quite understand what you mean by:
> *court*
The United States Bankruptcy Court.  We don't file on paper anymore, but by
uploading PDF

> or the court stamp.
> Would I be correct in thinking that the court stamp might be a transparent
> image of
> the court's seal overlaid on a text?

There are a couple of ways it happens.  Here's a link to a typical document

(I can't link to my own, even though they're public records, as the NV bar
has ruled client identity confidential!)

There is a similar overstamp with judge's signature on orders.

> If that is what you want, then surely the thing might be to group the seal
> image over the text field
> and then export the whole thing as a PDF: therefore getting a text with
> stamp overlaid and
> unselectable text all in one.

The court affixes the  blue print; not me.  But I've seen a couple that can
still have fields edited or boxes clicked!

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