"flattening" ouput pdf

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 20:48:22 CEST 2014

I ran up a little stack (as one does) containing a field "fff"
and a button "Print to PDF" containing the following script:

on mouseUp
    ask file "Save as:" with "Print.pdf"
    put it into tFileName
    if tFileName is empty then exit to top
    set the printerOutput to "file:" & tFileName
    revShowPrintDialog false, false
    revPrintField the long name of fld "fff"
end mouseUp

which produced a PDF document that, on Linux at least, was "a bit odd" 
in the way you want):

Adobe Reader 9 had this to say:

"Adobe Reader could not open 'Print.pdf' because it is either not a
supported file type or because the file has been damaged . . ."

Ubuntu Studio's built in PDF reader opened the document with not problem 
at all
but the text was completely unselectable.

HOWEVER: on setting up a second button "LC Print to PDF" with this:

on mouseUp
    open printing to pdf "Print2.pdf"
    print card ID 1002
    close printing
end mouseUp

I got an image of the card containing selectable and copiable text.

Not much use as it did not allow me to make a PDF of the field alone.


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