500 ms to set a thumbpos??

Andrew Kluthe andrew at ctech.me
Tue Apr 22 13:55:07 EDT 2014

Installed 6.6.1 stable on a couple systems and figured out that the problem
I was having was likely related to the windows hang on redraw bug that got
fixed in 6.6.1

Everything is working better than ever now on the systems I have tested.

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Trevor DeVore
<lists at mangomultimedia.com>wrote:

> > Even on windows 8, everything post 6.5 just craaaawwwls.
> >
> > The ide and any standalone built with the new graphics libs uses an
> > enormous amount of cpu on my laptop. Simply showing a popup menu eats up
> > about 48% of my admittedly under-powered cpu. Anything that involves
> > drawing anything to the screen is god awful slow and if I fiddle too much
> > while it thinks the whole deal crashes. I'm still building with 5.5
> until 7
> > to wait and see if this behavior is corrected later on. Right now,
> livecode
> > 6.5+ is barely usable for me unless I am using a high end system. I have
> > been having similar issues with the clarify 2 beta and i suspect it is
> due
> > to the use of the newer engine.
> >
> Andrew,
> The issue being talked about in this thread and what you describe may be
> two separate things. 6.6 is when retina support was added for desktop and
> that caused a big slowdown on machines running in high-dpi mode (Mac or
> Windows) as many more pixels are being rendered (as many as 4x). RunRev is
> working to address this as soon as possible.
> What you describe seems to be something else. 6.5 doesn't have any of the
> retina changes for desktop but does have the graphics layer changes (as you
> mentioned). It is my understanding that 6.5 should run at the same speed as
> previous versions. I wouldn't expect any changes specific to 7.0 to affect
> what you are seeing, although the speed increase they are working on for
> retina would probably help.
> I would *highly* recommend that you submit a bug report about the
> performance on your machine. Waiting to see if something gets fixed when
> you haven't filed a report often leads to disappointment :-)


Andrew Kluthe
andrew at ctech.me

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