Problem naming groups with integers

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sat Apr 19 20:42:07 EDT 2014

Hi Dar Scott,

Dar Scott wrote
> Yeah, in LiveCode values that even look like numbers 
> (that is, are numerals, strings) or should be numbers
> (the result of arithmetic) are all treated like numbers
> and like strings.  (It is possible to tell the result of
> arithmetic from a string, but essentially, numbers
> and numerals are all the same.)

Your explanation remembers me your tutorial:

A Primer on Message Mechanics.

>From your website:

This module (stack file) is a primer on using send, cancel, 
pendingMessages and callbacks. Those are the basic Revolution 
components needed to get your stacks to do several things at 
the same time. The primer starts from the basics and builds on 
those, providing examples and details along the way. 
It is 88 tiny pages long and if that is not long enough for you,
note that it is set up so you can add your own pages.
It is fun and... It is Free!

Dar, Are you going to update this tutorial with new lLiveCode
messages like: before mouseUp, after mouseUp, etc...

Thanks in advance!


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