Debug an App that won't open on device

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Wed Apr 16 01:17:35 EDT 2014

On 4/15/14, 9:46 PM, Nakia Brewer wrote:
> If the certificates were invalid wouldn't I get an error when trying
> to build or even install though..
> AM I best to delete all the certificates, profiles (how do I do this
> is Xcode 5.1.1?) and recreate it all?

I did some searching for you.

This thread from the Corona forums talks about the black screen and 
crash issue:

If you skip to the last page, the user solved the problem by deleting 
all certificates from keychain and regenerating new ones. Change the app 
version in standalone settings and rebuild the app with the new certificate.

You can delete and refresh certificate in XCode's preferences. I don't 
have that in front of me right now but someone else can give you info, 
or you can use XCode's Help menu to look it up on Apple's site.

The error about ASCII control characters is what Colin said; it means 
there are illegal characters in your app ID. If you google for the error 
message you'll see more info. In standalone settings, make sure you have 
no hidden control characters in the app ID and the app name. To be safe, 
delete them from standalone settings and re-type them.

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