convert to seconds issue

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Tue Apr 15 14:09:11 EDT 2014

thanks Jacqueline,
I didn't know about the centuryCutoff, but I had experimented and found out 
that it does always  work by supplying the 4-digit year.  I just wish the 
documentation in LC was better, but that's why this forum is so great!

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> On 4/15/14, 7:58 AM, larry at wrote:
>> But as soon as I go to:
>> 4/15/35 6:47 AM  (2035) or higher, LC won't convert it, but just leaves 
>> it as the date/time
>> I'm using 6.1.1 (rc 4) on XP Service Pack 3
> I don't have 6.1.1 currently installed but I tried it with 6.1.3 and it 
> works fine, at least on a Mac. However, you'll get a negative number of 
> seconds because the "35" will be interpreted as 1935 unless you change the 
> centuryCutoff. It's easier to supply the full 4-digit year, which will 
> always work.
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