using two versions

larry at larry at
Fri Apr 11 16:23:10 EDT 2014

I am using XP ServicePack 3

I had a problem with 6.1.1 (rc 4) in that it would not build the standalone - just quit.  It would do that on ANY stack that I tried to build.

So I had to download LC 6.6 so I could build the standalone.

Then I started using 6.6 to continue scripting on my stack, but 6.6 would completely freeze up about every 10-15 minutes.  Again, no matter which stack I was scripting.

So what I have to do now (and I hope it will work) is to edit my stack in 6.1.1 and then go to 6.6 to build the standalone.

Is it because I'm using XP?


P.S.  I know I'm not the most experienced programmer, but I'm not THAT stupid.  If 6.6 was freezing on just one of my stacks, I might blame myself.  But not when it freezes on EVERY stack - simple to complex.

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