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Yeah, I had to talk to Mark Waddingham about it at one of the 
conferences before I understood what I was doing. He asked me how many 
images and what size each one was in pixels, whipped out his calculator, 
and showed me a calculation that overran the length of the display. 
Neither of us tried to figure out where the commas would go to see how 
many hundreds of thousands of bytes were actually in there.

Everything really is loaded into RAM as before when the stack opens so 
that part hasn't changed (but I think any jpgs remain compressed until 
they are displayed.) But then any images potentially viewable on a card 
are loaded a second time into the image cache, which is flushed 
regularly as new images replace older ones. But in my case the group was 
a background group that was placed on every card, and it had all the 
images for the whole stack in it (long story) so LC was trying to load a 
huge inventory twice -- once when opening the stack, and again to the 
cache on every card change.

I suppose I was asking for a couple of gigs of RAM by that point and LC 
just expired in resignation without so much as a "so sorry."

On 4/10/14, 2:07 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:
> I really appreciate you posting this.  It's pretty eye opening for someone
> less "under-the-hood" savvy like me who has been told for years that
> LiveCode loads everything into memory at startup.  I would never guess
> that "load into memory" could have two different "definitions".
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
> Creative Director
> Tactile Media, UX/UI Design
> On 4/10/14 10:56 AM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:
>> I was
>> storing all these huge images in a hidden group. The actual visibility
>> of the images doesn't matter, if the group is placed on a card they will
>> load into RAM in preparation for being shown. I was exceeding the amount
>> of RAM available by a large margin and LiveCode just shut down
>> unexpectedly after a couple of card changes. In my case, the solution
>> was to unplace the group from any cards; an unplaced group can still
>> serve as a storage repository but won't be loaded into the image cache
>> because it isn't potentially viewable. Immediately after that, LiveCode
>> because quite stable.
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