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Colin Holgate wrote:

 > On Apr 10, 2014, at 10:05 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> It's only the subset of developers making proprietary works who
 >> need a Commercial license, and most are doing so under a business
 >> plan that brings in far more revenue than is needed to cover the
 >> cost of renewal.
 > Is that slightly misleading? In that all people making apps for
 > either the iTunes or Mac app stores will need a commercial license,
 > even if they are not creating proprietary content.

My apologies; it certainly wasn't my intention to mislead.

Yes, Apple's restrictions with their app store distribution license make 
it incompatible with the GPL, requiring another license to distribute to 
iOS for as long as Apple keeps the download limit policy in place and 
Apple is allowed to remain the only source of apps for that platform.

Those unfamiliar with this can find the FSF position articles and others 
easily enough:

There is likely a subset of users who wish to deploy to iOS with 
free-as-in-no-cost apps, for which LiveCode Commercial Edition may not 
provide a positive ROI.

Fortunately, for this subset of users the folks at RunRev recently 
introduced a new solution:

Among the other benefits of the LiveCode Membership program is a special 
license to deploy non-revenue-producing apps to Apple's proprietary app 

      Free App iOS Store Licensing
      Submit named, free apps to the iOS App store.

      Perfect if you’re just starting out creating completely free
      software with the LiveCode Community edition. The Apple iOS
      App Store is currently incompatible with the GPL license, so
      while you can distribute your free software for other platforms
      such as Android, you can’t submit to the Apple store.

      As a LiveCode Member you can submit your free noncommercial app
      to us and we will provide a license that will allow you to submit
      your app "closed source" to the iOS app store.

Details on that and the other program benefits are here:

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